In Ground Pool Types

In ground pools are becoming a more popular choice due to their aesthetic aspect. It requires a bigger investment than an above ground pool, and for that reason an informed decision must be made when it comes to the choice of the pool. Your pool retailer must be in a position to recommend what is best for you. You must also take into consideration and factor in your decision all costs related to your purchase: fence, construction permit, electrician fee, maintenance, insurances, etc.
After purchasing an in ground pool, we recommend you to always inform yourself prior to engaging into reparations or maintenance on your pool. We regularly see pools who went off their beds because the owner decided to empty it and clean it, or owners who decided to shut down their pools themselves and forgot to empty the pipes and experienced major damage the following spring. Please inform yourself and don’t hesitate to engage your pool vendor in case of any type of doubt.

In ground pool types

  • Canvas pool: steel structure, resin or polypropylene structure as well as concrete-filled polypropylene structure
  • Fibreglass
  • Concrete
  • Insulating formwork

Canvas pool
The first types of canvas pools made in Canada were supported by wooden structures which had a tendency to rot with time, so manufacturers eventually changed for a steel structure.
The canvas type pool is very popular within consumers not only because of its affordable price, but also because when you change the canvas, which needs to be done every 10 to 15 years, the pool looks brand new.
In general, canvas type pools are built the following way: sidewalls (steel, resin or polypropylene), bottom in armed concrete, support maintenance system on the outside, sand or crushed rocks outside filling, bottom canvas and concrete sidewalk. Stairs and accessories are custom built for the type of construction, and sealing joints are used on sidewalls and accessories which makes them very resistant. Your pool vendor will be able to explain to you the different types of construction, and to advise you on the type of ground where you are planning to build your pool, orienting you towards the best choice.
You must plan 2 weeks of work for the construction of the canvas pool type, depending on the requirements of Mother Nature. Certain steps of the construction require perfect weather conditions and could delay the work. Better to get a pool well built than quickly built!

We strongly recommend you to read carefully the manufacturer’s warranty.

Steel structure
Nowadays, this is the structure that you will more often find on the market due to its high quality versus price ratio. This type of structure has done well for the Québec consumer which has given this product his trust. The galvanization structure allows this type of pool to be time-resistant. Some of these pools were built in Québec nearly 40 years ago and are still in very good condition. The steel built pool offers a good resistance to frost and is flexible enough to adapt to ground movements in winter and readjust into place in the spring. The panels are pre-fabricated in plant. The steel is cut, pre-formed and punched to simplify the installer’s task. The only thing left to do on site will be to assemble to panel puzzle, which are offered in different lengths to adapt the pool’s multitude shapes and sizes available. This definitely offers latitude to the consumer in deciding the size of the future pool, as the panels can be adjusted during fabrication according specifically to the client’s needs. Certain vendors will even offer you to design your own pool, proving that there are no limits to this type of pool’s possibilities. Steel structure pools usually have 42” high walls.

We strongly recommend you to read carefully the manufacturer’s warranty.

Resin or polypropylene structure
It is in the early 90’s that we started to see synthesis resin or polypropylene structure pools on the market in Québec. Its construction is similar to the steel built pool, except that its side panels are made of composite materials. Its only disadvantage is to limit the consumer in the choice of sizes and models available. The panels are made by moulding and you must respect the sizes available. The sidewalls are corrosion-resistant and usually are 42” high. It is very important to have a good draining system around this type of structure to avoid damage. This pool’s main structure is made of a high quality plastic that does not have the same ability to adjust to frost and ground movements as the steel pool, but the total cost is about the same.

We strongly recommend you to read carefully the manufacturer’s warranty.

Concrete-filled polypropylene structure
This structure is of European origin and allies the resin and concrete characteristics. In fact, the structure is made of resin or polypropylene formworks which are afterwards filled with concrete. Without being a concrete pool, this type resembles it, but keeps the advantage of a vinyl canvas which avoids the owner the costly maintenance of a concrete surface. It also has a higher cost than a canvas pool with a steel or polypropylene structure due to the amount of concrete necessary to the construction and the amount of workers needed to build it. This structure is offered with 42” or 48” walls depending on the manufacturer.

We strongly recommend you to read carefully the manufacturer’s warranty.

The fibreglass pool, also called monocoque, is well liked due to the speed at which it can be installed. Once the excavation is completed, the fibreglass basin is ready to be deposited into the cavity, and the construction is completed in a few days only. This model is plant made and each manufacturer offers exclusive models. The shapes available are interesting, but the sizes are somewhat limited. This type of structure has to be installed according to the manufacturer’s indications, and should never be completely emptied by its owner, but rather by a competent pool vendor. The fibreglass pool is also easy to repair. The highs and depths vary in this type of pool and you must consult the different model’s plans before making your choice. A benefit is that it can be painted if the color fades with time. This type is more expensive than the canvas pool.

We strongly recommend you to read carefully the manufacturer’s warranty.

The concrete pool is extremely durable. Its conception, made of concrete projected over a steel structure built on the construction site, allows you to realize your dreams. This type of pool is used for the large-scale projects. You are thinking about a beach-style pool, with an integrated spa or cascade, or with a little island in the middle? You’ll be happy to hear that this pool’s “look” can also be completed with tiles offered in different colors and designs. The concrete pool is more expensive at the construction phase, but also in maintenance. Acid cleaning costs, sand jet blast cleaning costs and painting costs have to be factored in the pool’s maintenance. As opposed to the canvas pool that needs a change in canvas every 10 to 15 years, this type of pool needs cleaning every year and painting nearly every 3 years.
As this pool us built on site, we strongly recommend that you refer carefully to the manufacturer’s warranties and expertise.

Insulating formwork
The insulating formword pool is an unique construction, created in Quebec, designed for our climate. This pool offers several advantages: it is eco-energetic; it is created to measure according to your needs and constraints of your backyard. It follows the new trend by adopting Zen and linear forms. It has the best insulation on the market.

With no thermal bridging, there is no cold conductor; this pool offers one of the highest heating factors in the industry. It is designed with an exclusive R30 insulation shutter panels. It offers more space and water capacity.

Possibilities of design which  increase the look and your experience of use: installation of integrated steps full width, beach such as in Club Med, bench(es), fountain(s) and waterfall(s) Color light, etc. Note that the beach allows young children to wade in a few inches of water and adults to relax while sunbathing in the comfort of their in-ground pool.

Depending on your outdoor layout, several vinyl canvas designs and several equipment are available.

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