Safety Tips

To enjoy your pool this summer, put safety on your side. Supervision and vigilance are essential to prevent drowning in young children. You should always be with them when they play near or in the water. Talk to your children about safe behaviors around the pool. And when you’re not around, it’s all about controlling access to your pool. Make sure it’s impossible to access it at all times. In this kit, you’ll find practical tools and information to help you make your facility safe. Enjoy your swim!

Preparing for a swim

  • Designate an adult to supervise children and ensure that young children are within easy reach.
  • Always be accompanied. No matter your age or ability, never swim alone.
  • Establish rules: no head first dives, running around the pool, and no holding your breath games.
  • Bring a phone to the poolside.
  • Plan to have beverages, sunglasses, towels and sunscreen with you.
  • You should never lose sight of your children. If you must step away from the pool, ask the children to get out and accompany you, even if only for a moment.

Control access to the pool

  • Surround your pool on all sides with a fence of at least 1.2 meters that cannot be climbed and through which a spherical object of 10 cm in diameter cannot pass.
  • Provide the doors of the enclosure with a device that allows it to close and lock automatically.
  • If you use a ladder to access the pool, install a safety gate that closes and locks automatically.
  • Make sure that neither the filtration system nor any other object is near the pool so that a child can climb up to access the pool.
  • Do not leave toys in the pool that could attract children.

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